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The "public libraries e-book project" is a project supported by the Development Foundation of the National Board for Libraries and Media. 
project started in spring 2011 and will run until 31.12.2012. Partners in the project are the 6 central libraries: Gentofte, Roskilde, Odense, Vejle, and Aalborg, Herning, libraries in the consortium behind Frederiksberg, Købbenhavn and Aarhus and Licensing Group, publishers Gyldendal and Lindhardt & Ringhof and suppliers DBC and Publizon and The project task is to establish a new national ebogsservice to public library patrons which is based on a platform-independent modern architecture through things well can be integrated in libraries user interfaces and eventually engage in DDB. project will establish a sustainable, durable and attractive ebogstilbud and includes literature dissemination, partnering with publishers, working with new business models and new technology - even to mobile platforms. The project is organized into 3 groups of projects for technology transfer and business models. Contact: Support, questions and Or, Bo refuge, Aarhus Public Libraries, Susanne Iversen, Aarhus Public Libraries