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ICT Architecture for the Publishing Sector

Make the right choices for your Digital Publishing

Do I need a Digital Kiosk ? Or is it better to convert everything to ePub ? Or send it all to Google ? Or maybe an iPhone/iPad app ? What about Amazon than ?  Or send my Word Documents to India ? Where to sell my content ? How to leverage Facebook for boosting my eBook sales ?????

Let's apply some methodology to sort all those objectives and draw an architecture that will optimize your cost and revenue for your Digital Content.

Architecture Services for the Publishing Sector

eReading does have more and more impact on the the Media/Publishing market, especially since the iPad gave it a big boost ( See "The eReading Market") . New devices and technologies emerge everyday and publishing companies needs to select the best in order to sell more and more digital content.

There is currently an explosion in the number of possibilities for publishing electronic content. Major players like Apple, Google, Amazon and a lot of other players propose new eReading solutions everyday.

Only a structured approach like (Enterprise) Architecture can help you in making the right technical choices which will help you to achieve your business goals.

Architecture Services for other Industries

eReading is not only usefull to the Publishing Sector, but also in all kind of Industries. Nowadays the iPad is used to improve all kind of Business Processes. Some exampled can be find in the Applications section and in some scenarios of the table of contents of the eReading Reference Architecture  (Banking, Healthcare, Education...).

Architecture of all eReading Systems

An eReading system is in fact a regular ICT system for which Entreprise Architecture techniques can be applied. By correctly managing the architecture of an eReading solution, one can:
  • Make sure the new eReading possibilities contribute to the Business Strategy (ex: more news sales, more magazine sales, better customer communication...)
  • Drive the project related to the implementation of this new, innovative project
  • Build specifications allowing to select the best product and services for the eReading system (Selection Criterias, Vendor appraisal and selection, RFIs, RFPs)
  • Build specifications for developing the system (locally, near-shore or off-shore)
  • Document the system for an optimal eReading experience
  • Conduct Audits in order to see if the eReading system is built according to expectations


The architecture methodology is a combination of Goal Driven Requirements Analysis (KAOS) and Entreprise Architecture (Archimate) methods. Examples of applying those methods can be found in the eBook : The eReading Reference Architecture.

Why should I care about “Architecture” ?

Working together around a clear and well defined architecture reduces the risks of building a system that doesn't meets the expectations. In an innovative project such as an eReading project, 5 to 10% of your project cost should be dedicated to its architecture.

Hire an Architect

The architect will help you to:
  • Establish a prioritization in your business goals (short term, long term...), in order to...
  • Draw a long term architecture that will allow to you to choose the best solutions for your digital content

Example of missions

  • Help in formulating your Digital Contents Strategy (that involves eReading)
  • Architecture and Design of the eReading Contents Lifecycle in your company
  • eReading Project Architecture and Design
  • Apps Specification and Prototyping
  • eReading project Management and Coordination
  • eReading project Audits and Benchmarking
  • Off-Shore Development coordination (Android, iPad, iPhone)
  • Vendor Selection and Evaluation of eReading Solutions (RFIs, RFPs, RFQs, Vendor Selection Criterias)

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