In short:
  • eReading Solutions Architecture (Entreprise & ICT Architecture)

  • eReading Technology Consultancy (Selection, Development, Audit)

  • eReading Solutions Business Development (Sales, Pre-Sales)

  • eReading projects follow-up (Project Management, Technical coordination)

Using the combined knowledge of ICT and eReading, we can collaborate to allow you to  :

 Missions Examples
 Draw an architecture for your digital publishing projects (eBooks, eMagazines, eNewsPapers...)

 - ICT Architecture for the Publishing Sector

- Architecting the VeP (Vlaams e-Boek Platfom)

- eBook : eReading Solutions Architecture

Help you create eBooks in ePub, PDF or Kindle format.

- "Android, une fois"

- "Utiliser Internet pour vendre à l'étranger"

- "eReading Solutions Architecture"

- How to write an eBook for Amazon and iPad using free software ?
Define a strategy for creating, managing and selling digital contents

- The eReading Contents lifecycle
- Les 4 éléments d'une bonne stratégie numérique
Help you designing, testing and successfully delivering sustainable Smart Phone and Tablet Apps (Android Apps, iPhone, iPad Apps). Cheaper Off-Shore iPad Apps development.

Example of site you can visit with your smart phone or tablet
Define a framework for selecting the best eReading technology (tablet, eReader, eBook stores, Digital Kiosks...) which fits your needs and goals.

 See the list of eReaders
Deliver courses on eReading Technology (How to use a tablet, how to use eReading Software - iBooks, Kindle, Aldiko...).

 2010 l'année de l'eReading
Perform an Audit on the current "eReading" projects you have already started

 Boekenbank Audit
Project Management and Technical Coordination of "eReading" Projects

Project management of the Digital Library System Architecture Study

And there is more... Contact us to talk about it...

Other Services
  • Entreprise Architecture : Archimate and KAOS