Reference Architecture

What is the eReading Reference Architecture (eRRA) ?

The eReading Reference Architecture (eRRA) allows you to specify your eReading architecture by the means of goals and use cases.
By doing so you can make the best choice : select the right eReader and/or tablet, the right ebookstore, the right content management system in order to get an optimal eReading experience.

It has 4 tiers :
  • the eReader tier (your iPad, Android Tabket, Kindle, Nook, iRex, Sony PRS...)

  • the Desktop Tier (your home/office PC)

  • the Entreprise Tier (where you'll find Document Mgt systems, workflow, BPM, ECM, Email, Calendars...)

  • the Internet Tier (where you'll find e-bookstores, Blogs, Facebook Twitter, RSS, Web Pages, Email...)

The Archimate Entreprise Architecture method is used for the drawing of the eReading Reference Architecture. Archimate classifies architecture elements according to 2 dimensions :
  • Abstraction : Business, Application, Technology layers
  • Nature : Information, Behaviour or Structure
In the Business/Information category, one finds "Business Objects". Here is a first list of common eReader Reference Architecture Business Objects.

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