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New eBook : "Android, une fois"

posted Dec 24, 2010, 1:31 AM by Jean-Francois Declercq   [ updated Jan 11, 2011, 1:36 AM ]
(In French over here : Android, une fois. L'ebook du débutant)

Working in eReading and eBooks requires to know how it works. Let's walk the talk : I published with Dominique Gany an eBook on Amazon about using Android for the first time.

Android is the preferred system for smartphones and tablets. Many people will get to know this system which can at times be a bit technical due to its geeky side. We explain the basics in the eBook. The eBook is in French and costs $6.9 on

We will look after new publishers and editors in Belgium and France in the coming months.

We would like also to look for solutions to ease the installation of the eBook on new phones.

Why this eBook ?

When I offered an Android Phone to my dad it took me two hours to explain the basics : what is Android, the market, how to kill apps, how to synch with Google...

That's what we documented in the eBook. We want to translate the eBook in English, let us know if you'd be interested...

The goal is that you download the eBook on your Android device. For the moment there is only a Kindle version. You'll need to install the Kindle Android app on your smartphone before learning to use it ;-)