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Tablet Course

I'm looking for a partner for the following project. This summer I will develop a course "How to use your tablet". I will develop it in French first than I can translate it to Dutch and English.

Course Objectives

  • Show how easy it is to use a Tablet (especially for people who think they aren't able to use a computer)

  • Allow an "hands-on" before buying : we don't always have the possibility to play around enough in a shop, especially if one doesn't even know how to unlock the screen and what are the buttons at the bottom.

  • Create leads

  • Increase customer satisfaction after buying

  • Gradually create an eco-system - online community - where end users can ask questions about the tablet

Course contents (Android Tablet)

  • Understand what is a tablet and what are the main use cases
  • Tablet Basis
    • The Software (What is "Android")
    • Standard Applications (Email, Calendar, Internet, Calculator; Music....)
  • Apps
    • What is a Google Account ?
    • The Market(s)
    • Installing an App
    • Purchasing an app
    • What are the cool apps in Belgium/Netherlands/Lux/France...
Interested ?


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