"It's not about the idea. It's about doing it."

I'm looking for partners for the following projects. You want to work with me on one of those ideas ? Contact me : Contact Us

eReading Café

I would like to setup an eReading experience store in the center of Brussels.
See this brochure or the webpage : eReading Café

eBooks for small businesses

Each small business could have his own brochure as an eBook. See a prototype here


I want to sell a pre-configured tablet with a lot of content and services ready : eBooks, eNewspapers, cool & local apps, games, support services & training.

Belgian eBookStore

There is no real Belgian eBookstore. If you are an editor and want to work to setup one. I'm currently thinking about starting one. Let's do it together ?

Cours "Apprendre à utiliser son iPad / sa tablette Android"

Après avoir écrit notre livre "Android, une fois" nous somme prêts pour donner des cours sur "comment utiliser une tablette" (iPad, Android...)

Course : How to use a Tablet?

Proposition de projet pour Ecole Numérique

Lecture Numérique en Classe : Test de tablettes

Jean-Francois Declercq,
Jan 13, 2011, 1:24 PM