Web Tier - Business Information

Generally speaking, all Business Objects (cfr Illustration 4: The eRRA Business Objects , page 1) can reside on the Desktop. They can be there for several reasons:
  • In order to be be accessed from anywhere from any device. Google's strategy resides on this principle : an Internet connection will always be there. So you can leave all your information on the Web and access them from all kind of devices : your phone, your desktop or a friend's iPad.

  • In order to be used adequately by web applications. If you use a web application in SaaS, the information residing in the web application can be shared between the different users of the application. For example if you use a CRM application in SaaS, the salesman and his manager can review the customer data which is accessible anywhere.

  • In order to be sold (eCommerce). eBookStores need to be available on the Internet so readers can browse the catalog and buy them.

  • In order to be managed adequately (Information Lifecycle Management). Information residing on the web will be managed by the people responsible for the web site. They will garantee SLAs on the information and it can be very convenient. It pushes away the hassle of backing up and archiving information on the web tier.