eReader Tier - Technology Structure

This element of the architecture has the most attention nowadays. Everybody wants to see, touch, seize the eReader devices. Most Technology websites have posted many pictures. The 'screen size'/price ratio seems to be an important topic here.

The most famous device is of course Apple's iPad. There are others : the WeTab running Android, the iRex DR1000S based on Linux.... More than 50 eReader models can be counted (see

<todo> eReader Diagrams

What are the elements of an eReader Device ?

  • It as a frame and a screen

  • It has several Communication Paths

    • Memory Stick

    • USB

    • Buttons

    • Touch Screen (allowing a Virtual Keyboard)

    • Keyboard

    • Stytlus

  • It has Network connectivity

    • WiFi

    • Mobile (2G, 3G)

    • BlueTooth

Jean-Francois Declercq,
Aug 9, 2011, 6:27 AM