eReader Tier - Business Information

Any kind of information can be displayed and used on a eReader. In this Architecture, the Information is represented as a Business Object. The Scenario section of the eBook aims at showing business objects use cases. Here is a first list of such business objects (See also

Ebooks, Magazines, Comic Strips, Newspapers, Notes, Documentation, Manuals, White Papers, Financial Data, Education : School, University, Learning, Work Documents (Project Plan), Images (Photos), E-Tickets, Patient Files, Maps / Plans, Mind maps, Marketing Brochures, Agenda, Emails, Internet : RSS (FeedJournal), Internet : Blogs (instapaper), Slide-shows, Business Plan, Reports, Procedures, E-Forms, Web2.0 – Twitter, Web2.0 – Facebook, Encyclopedia, Music Partitions, Knowledge Base, (Electronic) Signature, Check List/To Do List/Shopping List, Travel Guides, Advertising

In the reference architecture, the business objects are represented by an Archimate Business Object Stereotype.

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Jean-Francois Declercq,
Aug 9, 2011, 6:27 AM