eReader Tier - Business Behaviour

The main business processes are linked tor the reading and authoring (whenever possible) of information on the eReader.

  • Read Documents : the main use case for an eReader is of course to read. It might seems to be just a functionality but it is here promoted as a process : reading a lot of information requires a well organized process. Think about the techniques you have developed for processing your emails. Some documents have more priority and should be read first. Reading documents is also closely related to the Search functionality.

  • Annotate Documents : When reading it's important to be able to annotate the text or take some notes for later. Again it's more than a functionality. It's a complete process to take notes and than afterwards find them to create new information.

  • Create Documents: Not only an eReader allows to read but most of them have input mechanisms (such that one can create information). The following screenshot shows Xournal which allows to take notes on a iRex DR1000s.

    • <todo><Image with irex + screenshot Linux>

  • Synchronize Documents : Documents are not just on the eReader. They come from another tier of the architecture. Synchronizing an eReader with other sources of content is an important process.

  • Use Application : As new applications can be installed on the eReader, the users will be involved in Application Specific Business Processes. For instance a 'Review and Approve Expense Report' application could be installed on a eReader and allow a manager to read the details and approve/reject the expense from his eReader. The iTunes or the Kindle Appstore are good examples of extending the participation of eReader tiers in Business Processes. Note that those applications can reside in Websites and than now installation is required on the eReader if it has a Browser and an Internet Connection.

Illustration 5: eReader Tier : Business Processes

<note> It's not clear to me yet if those are processes or functionalities. Needs to re retought in the future.

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Jean-Francois Declercq,
Aug 9, 2011, 6:27 AM