Entreprise Tier - Application Information

80% of an Entreprise Information is unstructured data (not stored in a structured database). This information is contained in documents scattered accross the entreprise, sometimes gathered in an Entreprise Content Management System. The advantage of the eReader Device is that it can be used as a super viewer for all those documents. Unfortunately in order to access this information, one should know where to find it. Therefore, as an Entreprise Information is much larger than Personal Information, Business Objects need to be augmented by meta-data and crawled by a search engine. So as on the Web Tier, Data Objects can be files (Spreadsheets, presentations, office documents, structured files). The difference with the Web Tier is that there are much more file formats as Entreprise applications are more specialized. Therefore prorietary formats have to be converted or specific apps need to be developped.

When the information is structured (in databases, in CRM, in ERPs...) a new application integration has to be provided such that the eReader Device can access and display it in an optimized way.