Desktop Tier - Business Information

Generally speaking, all Business Objects (cfr Illustration 4: The eRRA Business Objects , page 1) can reside on the Desktop. They can be there for several reasons:
  • It's easier to modify them there. It is for example more convenient to write an eBook on a Desktop than on the Network or on a eReader device.

  • It's a good place to have a local copy or a backup of the Business Object. You might want to keep an archive of your Business Information somewhere.

  • It's a good place to manage all business objects. Fat clients like iTunes can help you to organize your information. For example you can organize your photos onyour computer and afterwards decide which ones you want copied on your eReader. At the same time you can organize your photos backup.

  • It's also a good place to collect and aggregate information coming from different sources. For example an RSS fat client (ex: RSS Bandit) can collect information from the Internet and re-publish it in PDF to be synchronized with your ePaper eReader.