Desktop Tier - Application Behaviour

The Desktop application functions are very numerous as the dektop has been used as the main tier since the advent of the PC and the decentralization of Information management and processing.

Among the eReader specific application functions on the Desktop, we will find:

  • PC/eReader Synchronization (ex: synchronization of contacts)

  • eReader Backup and Restore

  • Information Push to eReader

  • Information Pul from eReader

Those functions are generally provided by some companion software (ex : iTunes, iRex Companion Software) but sometimes the Desktop User needs to be performed manually by mounting the device as an USB drive. Apple has shown with the iPhone that a good comanion software in the Desktop can provide a competitive advantage.

An excellent eReader independant eBook Companion Software is Calibre.

<todo> Description of Calibre and screenshot

Otherwise there are many other application servcies and functions that are usefull in the eReading Reference Architecture :

  • Sample Services

    • Email

    • Image processing

    • Document Viewing and Authoring (Office suites, ePub Authoring)

    • Personal Information Management (photos, music...)

    • Information Aggregation (RSS Aggregator)

  • Sample Functions

    • Print to PDF

    • Search (like Google Desktop)

    • Document Format Conversion

<todo> mention Bento → Develop in Scenario

<todo> mention Sigil, ePub → Develop in eBook Scenario