The Desktop Tier

The Desktop Tier consists of the desktop computers where we have installed our preferred applications like MS Office, Open Office, Gimp, Adobe Acrobat, an Email client like outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird...

Mobile and Cloud vendors would to convince us that there is no need for a desktop PC anymore. I believe it's not true. The Desktop is still an important tier of the architecture. Its power allows us to work deeply on the contents. The following tasks are preferably done on a good desktop computer:

  • writing an article for a newspaper

  • writing an end study thesis

  • manipulating pictures (large pictures for example)

  • managing multimedia libraries (think about iTunes)

  • managing confidential information

Generally, the desktop allows us to manage information locally. Of course new devices of the eReader tier come with larger storage capacity. The iPad can store up to 64GB of data. Still, a Desktop computer combined with a 1TB NAS is quiet usefull nowadays with the large amount of data that we manipulate (music, photos, documents, movies...)