The 4 Tiers of the eReading Architecture

The eReading Reference Architecture is composed of 4 Tiers :
  • the eReader Tier

  • the Desktop Tier

  • the Entreprise Tier

  • the Web Tier

Some elements are common to the complete architecture such as Business Objects and Business Processes. Those are documented in the scenario sections.

It's important to realize that a complete eReading System is composed of those 4 tiers.

The following table shows how Apple and Amazon have systems over the 4 tiers:

 TierAmazon Kindle
Apple iBooks
 eReader The Kindle eReader The iPad, iPhone or iPod
 Desktop Mobipocket Creator to make eBooks
Mobipocket for PC/Mac to read on Desktops
 iTunes to import epub files in iBooks
 WWW where you can buy books The Apple Store where you can buy eBooks
 Entreprise Your editor will keep the eBooks on his Content Mgt Servers Your editor will keep the eBooks on his Content Mgt Servers

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Jean-Francois Declercq,
Aug 9, 2011, 6:26 AM