The objectives of the eReading Reference Architecture

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The main objective of the eReading Reference Architecture is to setup a common vocabulary for building applications which make use of an eReader.

The Architectural Framework can be used to quickly design and/or document an application using a eReader.


  • Accelerate the design of eReader applications

  • Serve as a common language to talk about eReader applications

  • Help identifying the standards which help to connect different elements of the architecture. Those standards can be formats (ePUB, PDF) or APIs (for example : the APIs of a Digital Platform , DRMs, OpenID...).

  • Help identifying the reusable building blocs for making an eReader application (for example : software like Calibre, OpenOffice, Xournal, SiGIL...).

As many resources exist on the web, the links have been collected and tagged into a dedicated delicious account. See

The objectives of the eRRA have been put in a (KAOS) goal tree.

Note that prior to designing any eReading application, such a goal tree should be designed such that the system is built to reach its goals in an optimal way.


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Jean-Francois Declercq,
Aug 9, 2011, 6:26 AM