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Books are of course used a lot at School and the idea of using eBooks in place seems very good. Unfortunately, several tests have lead to a failure so far (see Soon or later the eReading will be accepted by school students, especially those who would have access to nothing instead. In the latter case, two projects seem to be in line with eReading : the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) and (see  Links :

The following diagram outlines some elements of the School Books Scenario.

Illustration 27: School eBooks Class DIagram

Business Object : School eBook

An eBook used at School.

Business Object : Assignment

Reading eBooks is not the only use case for an eReader in the class room. They could also be used for assignments (in French : devoirs) or Tests (in French : Intérogations). Devices with a stylus of a virtual keyboard allow Multiple Choice Questionnaires or even hand writing or drawing.

Business Object : Book List

A list of eBooks that the student should have on his eReader and that is relevant for a given period.

Business Process : Download School Books

At the beginning of a school period, students should be able to download the required school eBooks by engaging this process. The Teachers should be responsible for managing the school book list. Note that the eBooks can be obtained via several ways : USB Sticks, DVDs, eBook Store, dedicated Portal...

Business Process : Electronic Assignments

In this process the teacher sends and assignment, it is distributed to the students and automatically gathered back on the Teacher Educational Services applications.

Business Actor : Student

The student is the person in the learning process.

Business Actor : Teacher

The teacher is the person responsible for teaching the students at school. He is responsible for defining which eBooks are relevant to his teaching : the Book List.

<todo> Add an Actor : Parents who could have a read access to the Educational Services?

Application Service : Student Educational Services

Students have access to educational services (via a Portal) where they can access relevant information about their class. In particular, they should have access to the Book List and the assignments.

Application Service : Teacher Educational Services

Teachers have access to educational services (via a Portal) where they can publish relevant information about their class. In particular, they can document to the Book List and distribute assignments.

Application Service : Collaboration Platform

Students and Teachers should also have a collaboration space where relevant information can be shared : Wikis, Photos, Forums, Q&As, Instant Messaging, Profiles, Personal spaces, Mailing Lists... If the eReading device has an Internet Browser, this information can be displayed directly on the eReader.

Application Service : eBook Store

A web store where students can buy their school eBooks when needed.

Some School Book editors like De Boek have published some of their school books on Google Books (see

Devices for School eBooks

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