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Business Object : Personal Document

An eReader will, as time goes by, not only gather publications from the outside world but also personal information that ones want to read on the eReader. A Work contract, an invoice, a health report, an employee evaluation, Bank statements, poetry, important emails, reduction coupons are just a few examples.

Most of those personal documents reside on one or two tiers today : on the desktop (with hopefully a backup) and maybe on the Web (emails or copies of documents on the web like on Google Documents).

Business Process : Synchronization

The Personal Document owner will mainly be busy with the process of Document Synchronization between his device and the other tiers (mostly web and Desktop).

Business Role : Personal Documents Owner

A person using an eReader to manage his personal documents

Business Role : Reader

A Personal Document Owner who reads his documents on the eReader.

Business Role : Writer

A Personal Document Owner who writes his documents on the eReader.

Data Object


Application Service : Cloud Document Management

Personal Documents can have different sources and targets. They can be stored on the Desktop but also in the cloud. An example of such a cloud document management system is Google Docs. Note that those services are combined with a eReader device that has an Internet Browser and a good Internet connectivity (via WiFi or 3G), the Synchronization Process becomes much more simple. It is the basis of Google Tablet 's strategy with would only contain simplified Browser-OS called Google Chrome OS.

Application Component : Document Viewer

The software required to display a personal document on a eReader. Not all formats are supported by all viewers. Therefore one needs to think about the kind of documents and usage fo his personal document. A simple technique is to convert all documents to PDF. The problem is that if the eReader doesn't have a large screen, reading the document might not offer the required confort.

Calibre is a software which allows to convert documents (as eBooks) before they are pushed to the target eReader.

Application Component : Document Editor

The new generation of tablets and some applications on ePaper devices allow not only to read documents but also to annotate or even edit them For example most eReaders could implement a To-Do List application.

On flat-screen based devices (iPad, running Android, windows or other systems), full-blown editors can be installed allowing to write new documents (Emails, Twitter clients...). On Windows Mobile based systems MS Office can be installed. On Chrome OS or Android, Google Docs could be used from the eReader Browser.


<todo>Describe Xournal

Application Component : eReader Browser

The browser on a eReader can be used to access web based content management systems in the Entreprise or in the Cloud. In this case, the Entreprise Tier can simply be a server the Personal Document Owner is running at home.

<todo> Sample Home server architecture with Alfresco or with Apache.

Application Component : Email Client

An Email client can help in exchanging documents between the eReader and the Desktop tier. For example, a document is sent via email from the Desktop to the eReader.

Application Component : Office Suite

Personal Documents will mostly be created by Office suites like Microsoft Office or Open Office. If the eReader viewer supports these formats they can be read directly, otherwise they might need to be converted to another format before being pushed.

QuickOffice for Android allows to display MS Office documents on an Android Based Tablet.

Application Component : Format Converter

When the eReader doesn't support some formats which are used on other tiers, a format converter will be needed. This can be for Office's documents but also for other specific formats (CAD CAM files for example). In general a PDF conversion is chosen as the easiest and most standard solution.

Obstacle : eReader Locking Missing

An obstacle to this scenario is that some eReaders have insufficent security protection. They should at least be protected by a password otherwise anybody having access to the device will have access to the personal documents.

<todo>Look at Android's phone lock.

<todo>Talk about Gestures.

A word on devices

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