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This scenario is fictive and aims at demonstrating how an eReader could help gathering Healthcare information in a decentralized model.

Rather than trying to centralize all Medical information within the various Data Centers (Hospitals, Mutuality, Doctor's practices...), this medical information could be stored on mobile patient's files stored on a simple eReader. This eReader would store all patient's health information: Medical records (radios, exam results), past and future subscriptions, past and present illnesses, allergies, blood type... The Patient would keep his medical record on the eReader USB stick. An archiving service would be proposed by the Government in case the eReader is lost or broken. Of course patient could backup their files at home on their PC on other tiers like Google Health.

The advantage of the eReader is that all medical information can be read on the device in an off-line way allowing the patient to manage his patient file by himself.

This scenario has not been detailed very much so far but aims at providing a high level overview.

The following diagram aims at giving an idea of what a vist to the Doctor could mean.

The following diagram shows the elements of this Healthcare scenario.

Business Object : Patient File

The eReader allows to store a Patient File. A Patient file is a collectiuon of medical information. A simplistic model states here that a Patient file is an aggregation of Medical Records and Electronic Subscriptions. Many other information can be added such as Medical Observations or any other medical definition (HL7 for example). In pratice they would be a set of health documents types with associated meta-data.

Business Object : Medical Record

(Wikipedia :) A medical record, health record, or medical chart is a systematic documentation of a patient's individual medical history and care.

Business Object : Electronic (Medical) Prescription

An order, especially by a physician, for the preparation and administration of a medicine, therapeutic regimen, assistive or corrective device, or other treatment. A part of it, the subscrition is to be given to the Pharmacist

<todo>Add the Pharmacist in the picture

Business Process : Health eReader Acquisition

The process of acquiring a compliant eReader device by a Patient. Those eReaders should be certified such that they have the minimum set of capabilities required to collect, distribute and display electronic information.

Business Process : Health eReader Filing

The process by which a Doctor will feed the Patient File on the eReader with Medical information.

Business Process : Health eReader Communication Process

The process by which the information stored on the eReader will be exchanged with other tiers (Mutualities, Governement, Pharmacies) according to the Health governance and legislation. The eReader backup and archiving process is part of this process. Private Life Protection greatly depends on the quality of the process and its stakeholders.

Business Service : National Health Hub

In order to guarantee the required centralization of health information, a National Health Hub should allow to gather and consolidate Health information from the eReaders in a secure way.

Business Collaboration : Patients Record Exchange

The scenario is based under the assumption that all stakeholders agree to participate in a Patients Record Exchange Collaboration.

Business Actor : Patient

Business Actor : Doctor

Business Actor : eGovernment

Business Actor : Mutuality

Application Service : Google Health

Google Health proposes to the patient to consolidate his Patient Record on the Internet.

A word on the Device

What device could work for this scenario ?

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Jean-Francois Declercq,
Aug 9, 2011, 6:25 AM
Jean-Francois Declercq,
Aug 9, 2011, 6:25 AM