Ereaders are also a nice place for electronic newspapers. In the past, newspapers have made the big mistake of publishing their newpaper content on the Internet for free. Today, with the generalization of eReader devices they could go back to an economic model that more ressembles the traditionnal system. As a subscriber, you receive the newspaper in your mailbox every morning. But this time it's your electronic mailbox, not the one in the street.

However, as eReaders also have a web browser , the eNewsPaper wil have to provide a superior experience (content quality and relevance, navigation, exclusive photos...).

Business Object : eNewsPaper

The business object is the electronic version of the NewsPaper.

Contract : Electronic Subscription

You will get the eNewspaper with an electronic subscription, whihc is a contract that states how and when you will get your NewsPaper on your preferred NewsPaper.

Business Role : eNewsPaper Reader

The reader of the news paper on the eReader tier.

Business Role : Journalist

The author of an article of the newspaper.

Business Role : Editor in Chief

The person responsible for the final publication of a newspaper.

Business Interface

<todo> List Business functions and interfaces are required for a newspaper to sell and operate eNewsPapers

Application Service

Application Function

Application Interaction

Application Interface : WebSite

It's very important for a news paper to be visible on the Internet as an actor of the press. The Website should be a teaser for eReader users who would like to receive the news from this press company in push rather than in pull mode.

Application Interface : eCommerce

As soon as the eReader User is convinced it is the right newspaper for him, he should be directed to an eCommerce interface whihc allow him to quickly subsrcribe to the eNewsPaper.

Application Interface : App Store

When eNewsPapers are packaged as eReader applications, the eNewsPaper Reader needs to download and pay this applictaion on the App Store.

Application Collaboration

Application Component : NewsPaperReader

The eReader application allowing to display the newspaper. For example pressdisplay has such an application for the iRex DR1000.

The advantage of using an application is that the newspaper can't be copied and forwarded easilly to other people.

Links :

Application Component : eBookViewer

eNewsPapers could just be published as eBooks (ePub, PDF). Several NewsPapers propose to download a PDF version. One of the problems of PDF can be the size of the file as a newspaper in PDF has hundreds of pages.

The disadvantage of a non-protected eBook is that the newspaper can be copied and distributed illegally very quickly. It's not a problem in the case of a free newspaper like Metro for instance (

Artifact : eNewsPaper App

An eReader App containing one or more issues of a newspaper.

Artifact : eNewsPaper eBook

An eBook containing an issue of a newspaper. Formatting can be a challenge here : how to format the eBook such that people have the feeling they read a newspaper ?

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