Most magazines are rushing to the iPad where they can be displayed with flashy colors. (see

Nevertheless several ways to publish magazines are possible. On the iPad the magazine will be packaged as an Application by systems like Woodwing ( With Woodwing the editing is done as in Adobe In Design which has been augemented by some plugins to manage the magazine assets (template, images...). When the magazine is ready, the magazine information is packaged as a iPad application.

It's of course always possible to publish a magazine as PDF. For example the Vlerick Reflect Magazine is available as PDF and can be read on a large ePaper eReader. An magazine distributed in the ePub format would also be readable on most eReaders. The Kindle allows to read magazines, probably in such a format.

<todo> Check what format is used by Kindle Magazines.

Finally, Web-based magazine publication systems like Issuu display magazines right in your browser. So if your eReader has an Internet Browser, you can read them online.

The following elements have been identified in the Magazine Scenario.

Business Object : eMagazine

This is the magazine in electronic form which can be read on a eReader or on the Desktop.

<todo> See of eMagazine is a Business Object or rather an Archimate Product.

Business Process : (Magazine) Editing

The process of editing all or a part of a magazine.

Business Process : (Magazine) Publishing

The process of publishing a magazine.

Business Process : (Magazine) Sales

<todo> check how Wired magazine works for the sales.

Business Role : Magazine Reader

The person who purchases a magazine for reading it off-line or on-line.

Business Role : Magazine Author

The person who writes a part of the magazine.

Business Role : Editor in Chief

The person responsible for assembling the complete magazine.

Data Object : Magazine Content

The magazine is built out of different data (texts, images, layout, templates...) which are here called Magazine Content. The Magazine Author is responsible for creating them and providing these to the Editor in Chief.

Application Service : Online Magazines

On the Web Tier, magazines can be made available online on websites. The Online Magazines Apllication Service represents this web service.

Application Service : Document Authoring

The author of Magazine content needs the services of one or several applications to be able to create the magazine content.

Application Function

<todo> List top functions for Magazines.

Application Interface : AppStoreInterface

Selling Magazines as application requires to put them on an Application Store like the Apple App Store, the Android Market (and the Kindle !?- could not find the announced Kindle App Store) . Those provide clear interfaces for publishing and selling an application.

<todo>Have a look at AppStore contracts

Application Interface : Magazine ECM

When gathering all magazine content for packaging it, it is a good idea to centralize all magazine assets in a single place, denoted here as the Magazine ECM Interface. Most ECM systems will help. Some are specialized in this task like the Woodwing Entreprise Server.

Application Component : eReader Browser

This component is necessary when browsing on-line magazines.

Application Component : Image Editor

This component is necessary for making the magazine images which are very important in magazines.

Infrastructure Service : Application Engine

When the magazine is delivered as an application, an application engine is required on the eReader to display the magazine. They are generally provided with the Device Operating System (iPhone OS, Android) or as an SDK that developpers can use to develop new applications.

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