eBook Technical Creation

First Step : getting a clean HTML

  1. Go back to TXT and Images
    1. MS Word save as TXT, as HTML for images
  2. Recompose everything in HTML with HTML Editor like Kompozer
  3. Give H1, H2, H3, H4...
  4. Create Table of contents with Kompozer

Transform to ePub

  • With SIGIL, import the HTML.
    • Insert Chapter breaks before each section
      • Cut in several chapters to allow fast opening on Mobile Phone
    • Edit Meta-Data
      • ISBN
      • Editor
      • Author
      • Title
      • Manufacturer
    • Assign Cover image (right click menu on image)

ePub pour iPad

  • don't put images in tables

ePub pour GSM

  • Replace cover with smaller cover ?
  • Resize images ?
    • Utiliser le HTML for Kindle --> Smaller images (Cover)

HTML for Kindle

  • change the HTML source to insert div id=cover, start, toc (See sample HTML)
    • <todo>Make Sample HTML for Kindle
  • Resizing images