The first scenario of the eRRA obviously concerns eBooks. eReaders can be used to purchase and read eBooks. (Links for eBooks: http://delicious.com/appepaper/ebook)

One can identify the following elements in the architecture:

Business Object : eBook

There can be a great variety of eBooks. The ePub format has become the standard for many platforms (Adobe, Apple iTunes...). But an eBook could also be in other formats like PDF, Mobipocket...

A good list of eBook formats can be found on the MobileRead wiki:


Business Object : Digital Rights

A digital right is a policy that determines who can do what with the eBook. Digital rights may be enforced by a DRM system.

Actor Role : eBook Author

The person who writes the eBook.

Actor Role : eBook Publisher

The person who is repsonsible for publishing the eBook. The publisher can also be a “platform” in the case of platforms which allow to do self-publishing. For example, the Amazon DTP (Digital Text Platform) https://dtp.amazon.com/

Actor Role : eBook Buyer

Business Process : eBook Authoring

    The process of writing the eBook. The ebook “Zelf eBooks Uitgeven” by Wiebe De Jager explains how eBooks can be written using software like SIGIL.

Business Process : eBook Publishing

The process of publishing a book when it's ready.

Business Process : eBook Purchasing

The process of buying a book when it's published in the eBookStore.

Application Service : Document Authoring

The applications that an eBook Author needs to create his eBook. In addition to an editor (like Open Office or SIGIL), the author will also need other tools like an image editor for instance. In the case of this eBook, BOUML is an important element of the Document Authoring as most images of this eBook are BOUML diagrams.

Application Service : eBookStore

  • where eBooks are sold (Examples : Amazon, Sony eBookstore, eBuron.nl, Numilog.fr, IziBook.fr...)

<todo> Dicusss various stragtegies for eBookStores : Google Vs Amazon style. Chrome OS → Device discussion.

Application Service : ECM

– where the publisher manages all his eBooks and related assets. (Example : Alfresco, FileNet, Documentum, Woodwing Entreprise...)

<todo>eBook Buyers can Manage eBooks with Calibre on the Desktop

A word on Devices

<todo> Discuss On-line (Chrome OS) Vs Off-Line strategies

A word on DRMs


A word on eBook Interactivity

<todo> Elements of the Architecture which allow eBook Interactivity : Companion websites, IM, Collaboration... → Links to Identity Management ?

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