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Business Object : Comic Strip (Bande Dessinée)

Most of Comic strips are in color so they will be better rendered on a flat screen based eReader (tablet or Mobile Phone). Mangas are a good example of black and white comic strips that could be read on a ePaper eReader.

Business Process : (Comics) Editing Process

The process of comics creation.

Business Process : (Comics) Publishing Process

The process for publishing a Comics.

Business Process : (Comics) Sales Process

The process of selling the comics to be displayed on the eReader.

Business Role : Comics Reader

The person who buys and reads comics on his eReader.

Business Role : Comics Artist

The person who draws comics.

Business Service : ComicsElectronic Conversion

If the comics aren't provided in electronic format by the comics artist, than a digitalization is required. This can be offered as a Business Service by some party (ex: the Comics Store owner).

Data Object : Comics eBook

If the comics is published as an eBook, this data object is used.

Data Object : Comics App

If the comics is published as an app, this data object is used.

Application Service : Comics Store

A store on the web where Comics readers can by comics. Such a store is AveComics which allows to buy and view comics on the Desktop (PC/Mac) or on a Mobile Phone (iPhone and Android).

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Application Component : Comics Authoring Environment

Comics can be created directly on the computer by artists. In that case the comics could be directly published on the comics store. An example of such a comics authoring environment is Manga Studio (

Application Component : Image Scanner

In the case the comics is done by hand, one needs to scan it with, for example an Image Scanner. It could also be a photo or a video camera.

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