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On april 23rd 1998 Marc Dutroux escaped while consulting his file in Neufchâteau. If he had an electronic copy of his file on a eReader he would have read his file in his cell, avoiding the risk and costs related to the travelling. Justice is also a domain where a lot of paper is used. Using an eReader can help greatly to improve the process.

Bank Statements

Nowadays, Banks are trying to limit the amount of paper they are sending to their customers.

For example, recently (Mar 25, 2010), ING sent a communication to its clients in Belgium for reducing paper consumption by using electronic means.

Especially, the bank statements are consuming a lot of paper.

By agreeing to download and store them on a computer, each Belgian can diminish his paper consumption (estimated to 30 KG/Person)

In order to read Account's statements, an eReader could be an excellent device : it is easy to use, it costs less than a full-blown computer, it takes little space and can store
many documents.


Ereader Devices can store encyclopedias. For example, Patrick Collison there is a project to package Wikipedia as an application for the iPhone/iPod Touch.

Lists (to-do, check, shopping...)

Some people make check lists, some others don't. Those who do, would benefit of an eReader by making checklists and puttig these on their eReaders.

The following picture is an example of a checklist on a DR1000S.

<todo>My CheckList on DR1000S

Marketing Brochures, Catalogs

A visit to a fair like Cebit or the Motor Show generally means coming back home with a big pile of paper. This pile of paper could be replaced by a set of electronic documents on an eReader, making it easier to browse, search anad archive them.


Contracts are alos generating a lot of paper work. Using an eReader would allow to proof-read the draft contracts prior to signing them. If a paper copy is not necessary, electronic siganture can be used.

More examples...

And there is an infinite lists of things you can do with an eReader like:

  • Mind Maps are in fact a way to write down your ideas on the eReader instead of in a notebook. Taking notes is an important element of an eReader (whihc should be further developped in this architecture)

  • Music Partitions can be copied on an eReader and it may be easier to browser the partition with touch technology.

  • Cooking Recipes can be copied on an ereader – See

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