A Business Objects driven approach

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Scenarios help defining the elements of the architecture. For each business object which can reside on a eReader, one can think about the importance of the other tiers in its life cycle :
  • Creation : how was the object (newspaper, ebook...) created ?

  • Management : how was the object managed, for example if approval was required before it is released ?

  • Publishing : how was the object distributed on the eReaders ?

  • Securing: how was the object secured ?

  • Selling : was this object sold ?

  • Updating: how are updated handled ? What if the object changes ?

  • Complements : are there complementary objects to this object ? For instance eBooks can have companion websites.

  • Socializing : Are those objects subjects of Social Networks conversations ?

  • Consuming : How is the object consumed ? Reading ? Touching ? Annotations ?

So it's about understanding how The eReading Contents Lifecycle looks like for this particular Business Object.

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