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List of eReaders

Here is a list of all the eReaders that I know until today (Jan 2010). I count more than 50 models.

A great list of eReaders is the E-book Reader Matrix on

For Android based tablets, alos have a look here : and here :

Check also Appepaper's eReader tag on delicious :

Company Model Remark
Alex Spring Design Prototype
Aluratek Libre Pro
Amazon Kindle
Amazon Kindle 2
Amazon Kindle DX
Apple iPad Announced 27 JAN 2010
Asus DR950
Barnes & Noble Nook
Bookeen Cybook Gen 3
Bookeen Cybook Opus
Bookeen Cybook Orizon
Condor Tech. Assoc. Egriver
DMC Worldwide Ocean
DMC Worldwide Tidal
Elonex eBook
Endless Ideas Bebook Mini
Endless Ideas BeBook Neo
Endless Ideas BeBook One
enTourage Edge Prototype
FictionWise EBookwise 1150 LCD
Foxit Software eSlick
H'mc E-Book Reader 2GB
Hanvon N516
Hanvon N518
Hanvon N520
Hanvon N526
HP Thin Plastic Display Prototype
Interead COOL-Er
iRex Digital Reader 1000S
iRex DR800S
iRex DR800SG
iRex iLiad 2nd Edition
iRex Iliad Book Edition
iRiver Story
Italica Paperback
Jinke Hanlin V2
Jinke Hanlin V3
Jinke Hanlin V5
JoinTech JE100 LCD
Koloporter eClicto Prototype
miBook miBook LCD
Plastic Logic Que Pro Reader Prototype
PocketBook PocketBook 301
Polymer Vision Readius Prototype
Samsung e101
Samsung Papyrus
Skiff Skiff Reader Prototype
Sony eReader Touch Edition PRS-600
Sony Librié
Sony Pocket Reader Edition PRS-300
Sony PRS 505
Sony PRS 600
Sony Reader Daily Edition PRS-900
Sony Reader Daily Edition PRS-900 Prototype
Sony Reader PRS-500
Sony Reader PRS-505
Sony Reader PRS-700
WizPac Txtr Prototype
Zinky Zebook