I wrote several eBooks available in PDF, ePub or Amazon Kindle.

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eReading Solutions Architecture

If you are involved in a "eReading" project, read here why you should read this ebook.

: about 8€, $14.

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How to write an eBook for Amazon and iPad using free Software ?

Price : about 5€, $8

I have documented my method to write an ebook for Amazon and the iPad...

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Android, une fois

This eBook is in French and is a quick starting guide for new Android users.

Site en Français ici : http://android.appe.biz/

: environ 2€

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This is the first AppePaper eBook. Published on Amazon.com,  Written by Dominique Gany and Jean-Francois Declercq, it aims at helping the new Android users to understand their SmartPhones or Tablets in the first hours of utilization.