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Applications of

By "ePaper" we meandifferent things :
  • the ePaper technology : See what is ePaper ?

  • the various electronic replacements of Paper
    • eReaders or Tablets like the Kindle, the Apple iPad or the future Google Tablet.
    • eReader Software for all kind of devices - PC, Tablet, eBook (Digital Kiosks, Mobipocket, Calibre, Adobe Digital Editions, Issu)...
"ePaper" applications do not only require a device (eReader), they have a  more complex Architecture. It requires the collaboration of your eReader with your Personal Computer, the Internet and other dedicated services (Document Management in the Entreprise, for example).


Take a free look at the eBook : The eReader Reference Architecture.

La lecture électronique au service du conseil communal  :

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