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To find the best eReading Solution, you need to constantly watch the market.
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  • eBooks : Amazon Kindle, iBookStore, ePub, XML based eBooks, PDF based eBooks.

  • NewsPapers : Re-sell your newspaper articles by themes, one-by-one or with subscriptions
  • Magazines : Publish your magazines on tablets or on eReaders. Publish your complete magazine archive on the web and on tablets.

  • Online Reading : Allow your readers to read directly on the web (magazine archives, mobile eReading applications)

  • Mobile and Tablet Apps : Use an "App" to deliver a superior eReading experience

Do you write ?  As a content supplier, build a strong foundation for your eReading projects:

Since 2010, we entered the era of electronic reading : new devices (iPad, Kindle, Samsung Galaxy, Archos...), new applications, new ways to read information...

Maximize the ROI of your Digital Assets.

Your existing content can be transformed in Digital content that makes the best use of this new eReading trend. 

Start architecting your future eReading experiences

It's time to start with the architecture and design of your eReading Value chain, based on the eReading Lifecycle and the eReading Reference Architecture (eRRA)

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Our methodology, based on Enterprise Architecture techniques and an excellent knowledge of the eReading market, helps quickly optimize the complete life cycle of your digital contents.

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Do you read ? Get the maximum out of electronic reading (eReading)
  • eBooks
  • eNewspapers
  • Documents you read for your work
  • Comic Strips
  • ...
We give you advice on the eReading devices (ipad, android, ePaper), apps, documents synchronization...

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